“This is my time to step up.”

Michael Maroon vividly remembers the night his wife wanted a piece of pizza, but he didn’t have enough money in the bank to buy it for her. Now that he is a successful financial advisor with SilverTree Wealth Partners, he believes he’s a steward of the money he earns, and he counts on the Fountain Hills Community Foundation to help him share the wealth wisely.

“External factors have contributed to my place in life,” he explained. “For me, it’s just about a redistribution of blessings and wealth. It’s kinda cool to be able to participate in that way. I hope others who find themselves in the same situation participate in the cycle.”

Michael said there’s a layer of confidence that comes from giving to a community foundation, simply because it’s difficult to know the mechanics behind every organization that asks for a donation.

“I know the Foundation vets them,” he said. “I like that.”

Resource stewardship is a concept he and his wife, Becca, are instilling in their three children, too.

“We’ve had some big moments with the kids where we’ve done some significant gifting,” he said. They’ve seen me pull over and have a conversation with a disadvantaged person at the corner with their kids and then walk to the bank. It’s critical that they understand not to hold resources with a closed fist and help others who are less lucky than us.”

Prior to his financial services career, Michael served as the congregational care pastor for a large United Methodist church in Kansas. In addition to leading worship, he oversaw the financial coaching ministry, which eventually led to a career as a financial advisor. His passion for helping his clients achieve their financial goals is complemented by his passion for the Fountain Hills community, for which he is a devoted volunteer.

“We’ve certainly benefitted in a big way because people gave years ago,” he said, citing Town amenities such as playgrounds, hiking trails, and community organizations. “Each generation passes the baton, and each generation needs to step up and support those organizations, so the next generation has ball fields to play on. This is my time to step up. I hope others recognize that, too.”