“I am proud to share the good that life has blessed me with.”

When Kirk Harr retired from the home building industry and decided to leave Tacoma Washington in search of a sunnier destination, an exploratory motor home trip in 1998 led him to Fountain Hills. Now, more than two decades later, his passion for home building has been renewed and his passion for Fountain Hills has led him to invest with the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, an organization he believes has its finger on the pulse of the community.

“I am proud to share the good that life has blessed me with and believe the Fountain Hills Community Foundation is the best way to help maximize the benefits of our gifts based on our community’s needs.”

Kirk grew up working for his stepfather’s restaurant chain and became interested in the building trades when he began building his first home.

“I hung out the entire time they were building and absolutely fell in love with the process,” he said. “When I asked the builder if he would teach me how, he said yes… for a cup of coffee and a pastry.”

The encounter eventually led to the creation of his first company and a 22-year stint building homes in Tacoma, Washington. Harr sold the company to his employees in 2002 and retired but fell in love with home-building all over again after volunteering with Habitat for Humanity once he moved to Arizona. Today he owns Harr Family Homes, which incorporates new design trends and cutting-edge energy efficiency into homes built with the detail and quality of traditional homebuilding practices.

Kirk says the opportunity to invest in Fountain Hills makes him feel very fortunate.

“I personally believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility in life to support, nurture, and to accept the differences in each other to the degree that we can,” he said. “I believe that the people of Fountain Hills need each other to bring out the very best in every one of us.”

And just as his home-building business helps families create a place to grow and prosper, so his philanthropic activities through the Fountain Hills Community Foundation contribute to the organizations which support the youth, families, and seniors which live here.

“My family has been blessed to have lived in many communities, towns, and cities over the years. In my heart I know that Fountain Hills is the best home I have ever known.”