“We’re confident our money will go to worthy causes.”

Little did John Craft know when he entered a 10k road race in Fountain Hills back when the Town was being developed nearly 50 years ago that he’d be living here one day. Today, John and his wife, Joan, have been residents of Fountain Hills for 25 years.

“It’s a gorgeous place,” he said. “It’s our final home.”

John, who is retired from his consulting business which conducted outreach planning with hospitals and healthcare systems, understands the importance of fundraising and how it’s applied to a community. As a result, the Crafts always set aside a percentage of their annual income to support worthy projects and donate to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation because of its thorough selection process.

“We get asked for a lot of donations,” he said. “One of the challenges we’ve had is that there are so many organizations. We want to make sure the dollars we donate make an impact and we want Fountain Hills to be first in that area. It’s difficult to do that without the help of an organization like the Foundation.”

The Crafts believe Fountain Hills’ size is an advantage for those who want to make an impact with their time and money.

John, a former Commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission, is a new board member for the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association and was instrumental in creating the Fountain Hills Leadership Academy. Joan, a retired schoolteacher, was very active in Habitat for Humanity. Both Joan and John have volunteered at Oktoberfest.

“We’re confident the money we donate to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation will go to worthy causes in our community that can actually deliver the services,” John said, “not just those which are looking for cash.”