“We want to set a good example for our kids”

Jeff Lupien and his wife, Mindi, moved to Fountain Hills in 2006 because they wanted to raise their children in a small town. And because they believe in setting a good example of stewardship for their four sons, that meant investing in the Fountain Hills community, both as volunteers and donors to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.

“We have a little something to give and they do a good job of spending it wisely. I feel pretty good about that,” he said.

While the couple was raising a family, Jeff was also growing a business, True North Builders, a construction company specializing in high finish construction.

“When you’re young and starting out and you don’t have money to contribute, you contribute time,” Jeff says with a laugh, remembering 15 years volunteering as umpire and board member for the Fountain Hills Little League program where his boys played. “We wanted to raise our kids to be good stewards and leave the community in better condition than when we first moved in.”

As True North Builders became successful and he found himself with less time to volunteer, he was able to contribute more financially. Jeff said his family depends on the Fountain Hills Community Foundation to use their donations wisely, believing the FHCF has a pulse on the needs throughout the community.

“A lot of people think that’s what we pay taxes for but that’s not always the best route to improving society. People need to step up, identify problems, and do what you can do to help out. If you care about your community and the people around you, everyone has to give back.”