It might have been a game of golf at Desert Canyon that initially brought Gerard Bisceglia to Fountain Hills, but it was the plane ride home that convinced him to move here in 1993.

“I was looking out the window as we flew over Fountain Hills and the Fountain was going off,” Gerard remembers. “I called my wife (Ann) who was in Phoenix working with a realtor to find us a place to live at the time and said “you gotta check this place out”.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Gerard has been actively involved with the Fountain Hills community as a volunteer for the Fountain Hills Community Theater (10 years) and a commissioner on the Strategic Planning Committee (8 years). As donors, the couple trusts the Fountain Hills Community Foundation to give money where it’s needed.

“I just love this town and know that the Foundation does a good job,” Gerard said. “I get their reports and know what they give to. They do wise things with the money they raise.”

Now retired, the former vice president for Circle K says it’s important to donate because there are things in this town that need private funding. And while he’s not actively volunteering these days, he says he’s always looking for ways to give back to the town he loves so much.

“I don’t think some people realize how great we have it here” Gerard said. “If we don’t have the money, there are things in this town that aren’t going to get done. Fountain Hills is the jewel of the Phoenix metropolitan area. It’s worth supporting and investing in. That’s why we donate.”