It’s time again for Fountain Hills’ most beautiful fundraiser, Flutter at the Fountain, hosted by the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.  The Community Foundation and its Flutter Committee and Artists have been busily working to present 33 amazing butterfly sculptures ranging from 12” to 36” and suitable as either indoor or outdoor art.  

When you donate to a fundraiser, it’s nice to know the money is being well used.  In the case of the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, the proceeds from Flutter go entirely to local 501c-3 nonprofit groups that focus their efforts on the youth, seniors and families of Fountain Hills and the surrounding communities.  Since the organization’s founding in 1995, approximately $1.3 million has been raised—and returned—to the community.  Sort of like the concept of Robin Hood, except the money is willingly donated by generous donors and sponsors, and is given to numerous organizations like Scouts, Little League, Senior Services and many, many more.  

During the 2021 Gifting Season, twenty-two various organizations received $40,000 in grants from proceeds raised during Flutter 2020.  The inaugural event of the Butterfly extravaganza occurred entirely throughout COVID and was re-engineered multiple times to accommodate changing safety restrictions, yet the success of the event points to broad community support.  The gratitude shown by recipient groups at the April Gifting Event also speaks to the intense need of these groups as they continue to weather the pandemic landscape.  

“Over the past year, we utilized the donation to help our students return to school safely. Increases in alcohol, nicotine and drug use are hitting our teens especially hard during the Covid virus lockdowns. Our message is one of encouragement, offering positive messages to stay drug free.  With the funding from the Community Foundation grant along with funding from another grant, we purchased 450 items for middle and high school students.”
-Michael Scharnow
Fountain Hills Coalition Executive Director

You can help by becoming a sponsor to Flutter2021.  Sponsorship levels range from $1500 to $8000 and include a variety of promotional and networking benefits for the Sponsors.  Restaurateurs are also encouraged to participate in the Pub Flutter event offered to guests who attend.  Even our event attendees can contribute with their $45 ticket purchase and be sure to invite all your friends!  The more the merrier and the more we’ll raise to give back to worthwhile community organizations.  

Giving to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation allows you to feel good about improving the quality of life for so many people.  People you likely know.  And it’s nice to know you can put your trust in an organization managed by individuals that you also know and trust.  People you can reach out and talk with should you have any questions. 

Call us!  We’d love to hear from you and tell you more about giving to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.  We can be reached at (480) 744-9055 (please leave a message, we’ll call you back within 24 hours) or by email at