Grant helps fund purchase of Curiosity Cubes

Thanks in part to a 2022 grant from the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, curious kids visiting the River of Time Museum and Exploration Center will have a little more to explore.

Director Cherie Koss said a portion of the $2650 grant was used to purchase Curiosity Cube temporary exhibit stands (pictured), which will be complete by the end of 2023. The stands allow for interchangeable contents and can be rolled to different parts of the museum depending upon the display materials being exhibited at the time.

The first two temporary exhibits will focus on ancient food sourcing and the life of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, both of which highlight the history, culture and life of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. 

Dr. Montezuma was a prominent Chicago physician and Native American Rights activist who was born to Yavapai parents near Four Peaks and became an advocate for his peoples, the Yavapais, and other Tribal Nations.

The temporary exhibit on ancient food will focus on the sourcing of plants for food and medicine. Part of the grant money was used to source replicas of an 1800s doctor bag, stethoscope, ancient tools, food, and medicine plants, and 19th-century medical tools for the two displays.

“This area is so rich in history,” Koss said. For every exhibit and text we have, we could probably tell 40 more stories. Our goal is to continue expanding and get more history out there so we are grateful for the work that the community foundation does on behalf of our community and the funding of projects like these temporary exhibits.”