Fountain Hills Community Foundation assisting families in need during 2020 pandemic

As the Covid-19 virus began its rampant spread across the world, people’s lives were changed in drastic ways. Entire industries ground to a halt, livelihoods were diminished, schools and childcare centers were closed, and normal no longer existed.

These immense changes affected all walks of life and the Fountain Hills Community Foundation began looking for ways to help. We immediately used our Gifting Season to make sure that our community food bank, The Extended Hands Food Bank, received a boost by presenting them with a $5,000 grant.

And then a local philanthropist and serial volunteer had an idea to help our struggling residents AND our struggling restaurants – all she needed was an organization to help facilitate the effort.

Which is how the One Meal at a Time program was born. Donations to the program were used to purchase gift certificates from local restaurants, and then given to residents in need through the Fountain Hills Unified School District meal program, and the Extended Hands Food Bank boxes.

Thanks to Euro Pizza and Señor Taco, community members in need were able to enjoy special deals in return for their gift certificates, and the restaurants received valuable support during this difficult time. A win-win for our community!

To date, $5,882.60 has been raised through the program in the short time it has been in existence. If you would like to contribute and learn more, please visit One Meal at a Time.