Each of our beautiful butterflies have a unique story behind them. Find out the inspiration behind five of them and the tecnhiques used to create them.



Vanessa’s “Tutterfly” is an homage to Tutankhamun with some sand from his tomb floor entombed in the piece. The boy king’s tomb led us all on a historical journey and developed appreciation for ancient Egypt and the Valley of the Kings.



Marty grew up watching his grandfather paint which inspired him to learn the craft. His butterfly, “Firebird”, is a loose translation of Southwest Indian folklore of birds in the sky that render assistance.



When Margaret sat down with this butterfly blank, she was thinking about our freedoms. This inspired her butterfly, “Freedom”, which was created with a pouring technique.



Kelly’s “Of Water and Sky; Salt River Spirit” captures the thoughtfulness of the wild horse in his element. The colors of the Monarch butterfly are his theme.



Justine found that working to create “Monsoon Sunset Flutter” during COVID was a release for her. The front depicts the beautiful colors of a sunset after a monsoon storm, and the back depicts the muted colors of moonrise after a monsoon.


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