As the 2nd Annual Flutter at the Fountain was gearing up and looking for volunteers, there was a name that stood out when contemplating a social media coordinator. Lydia Quinones, one of our incredibly talented artists from our inaugural event, not only created breathtaking butterflies, she also did a noticeably thorough job of promoting her work on social media.

Gratefully, she accepted the invitation to be social media coordinator and artist ambassador. As an artist herself, she offers a unique perspective on what the artists need and how best to elevate their efforts, “I saw a void that needed to be filled,” said Quinones.

Her art is incredibly vibrant, influenced by her six years teaching English in China where she received her Art Education degree in 2009. It helped her see art from a more “colorful and abstract perspective.” Quinones currently teaches art to 7-12 graders in the Mesa Public School District, where she lives with her two Chinese cats, Peaches and BC (Baby Cat). 

Quinones was also shaped by her unique upbringing and family. As a child, prints from Haku Maki hung in her family’s home – a reminder of the time when her great-grandmother, a Filipino, was placed in a Japanese internment camp during WWII. His work on persimmons was a major influence as they represent perseverance, “The harsher the condition, the sweeter the fruit.” Travelling the world as a military brat also awoke her appreciation of art, specifically her time in Italy and the museums there. 

Although she initially pursued a career in nursing, she quickly realized that art was her passion. Her public works can be seen on a park bench in Glendale, and a Giving Meter in downtown Phoenix. 

Be sure to watch for her gorgeous butterflies this year, and the chance to bid on them during our 2nd Annual Flutter at the Fountain event. Save the date for November 6 where all butterflies will be on display at the Fountain Hills Community Garden. Follow us on Instagram @flutteratthefountain and Facebook @FHCommunityFoundation for the latest updates.