This year, as part of the Fountain Hills Community Foundation’s gifting season, the Junior Achievement of Arizona program received a much needed infusion of $2500. This money directly impacted 405 students of Fountain Hills Middle School during the 2020-21 school year.


JA has been providing financial literacy and career readiness to K-12 students nationwide for 64 years, including this past year when so many students had their normal routines disrupted. Being able to provide funding in order to help JA pivot to an online platform, is just one example of how the Fountain Hills Community Foundation can affect change in real time.


Led by 4th grade teacher Val Reichler, 5 local professionals taught 17 classes to students from grades 4-8. Ensuring real-life economic knowledge from real community leaders is the main goal, and in a world where uncertainty may be on the forefront of young minds after the tumultuous year they just experienced, JA is more valuable than ever.


Moving to an online platform was a necessity in 2020, but a real asset in the long run as students have become more and more digitally savvy. JA plans on continuing to utilize things such as Zoom and Google Classroom to reach a more diverse audience, particularly low-income students who need the benefit of mentors from all reaches. 


“Thanks to your support, Junior Achievement impacted the lives of over 55,000, primarily low-income Arizona students in 2020-2021. As a valued partner, Fountain Hills Community Foundation is helping to inspire and prepare these students to build an entrepreneurial mindset, develop financial, and workplace skills, and begin their journey on the path toward financial capability and success. Together we are building a bridge from the classroom to the board room and helping students cross that bridge to achieve their greatest future success.”