When the In-Home Concert series board wanted to encourage attendance from a younger audience, they applied for a grant from the Fountain Hills Community Foundation so they could subsidize tickets for music students who would not normally attend one of their concerts.

After securing a $720 grant in 2023, they sent introductory letters to local public and private schools, music teachers, church music directors, and music studios in the hopes of soliciting student referrals to attend their 2024 Concert Series.

“Although our goal was to increase attendance in a younger age range, we found high school and even some college students had challenges attending the concerts,” April Sessner, In-Home Concerts Sales and Marketing coordinator, said. “Many of the music students were high achievers and had many other after-school activities to attend which conflicted with Sunday afternoon concert dates.”

So what’s an organization to do? Broaden your definition of the word “student” to include those who participate in choirs, orchestras, and bands.

“These individuals are continually learning new music and practicing their art, so we included them as students. As a result, we were able to offer tickets to a wide range of students from nine years old to over 80.”

In-Home Concerts has been providing live concerts in private Fountain Hills residences since 1991. The organization presents six concerts January through March each year, which include Jazz and Classical genres of music. Each performance is on a Sunday afternoon and is intentionally limited in size to enhance the ambience of being in a private setting with the performer. 2024 tickets sold for $35 each; complimentary wine and refreshments are offered.

April said the In-Home Concerts’ board learned that although they would like to see a younger audience, age is truly only a number when it comes to music.

“Our concerts, like music in general, are timeless and appeal to all ages,” she said. “All ages enjoy a beautiful concert. We will maintain the tempo of our previous sales approach and leave the age of our audience up to the attendees.”

More information about In-Home Concerts is available on their website: https://ilovefountainhills.org/in-home-concerts.