Flutter butterflies feel right at home in Julie Jones’ festive yard

From the moment you step onto Julie Jones’ property, it’s clear she loves yard art. A carved, wooden moose stands guard in the front yard and painted Tiki masks hang near her front door. In the back, a whimsical pink pig made of metal grins as visitors approach the gazebo, which is adorned with painted pots, colorful flowers, and metal sculptures of various shapes and sizes.

In other words, the three butterflies Julie adopted during the first two Flutter at the Fountain fundraisers feel right at home. Much like her other art, each butterfly represents a part of her eclectic personality. American Butterfly (2020) reflects her patriotic side as a United States citizen and former police officer. She said Deaths Head (2020) was “unusual” and complemented her passion for Day of the Dead and skeletons. And AZ Spicy Burros (2021)?

“They just make me laugh,” she said. “They’re so fun. I just love the humor behind them.”

Flutter at the Fountain is the Fountain Hills Community Foundation’s (FHCF) signature fundraiser. Patrons like Julie have helped raise nearly $90,000 in the last two years, all of which has been gifted to local non-profit organizations as part of the FHCF mission.

Julie, founder of The Adventures of Julie Jones, is an author, speaker, and coach. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she lives in Fountain Hills with her husband, Mike, and two rescue dogs.

“I love the uniqueness that each artist comes up with,” she said of the Flutter at the Fountain fundraiser, noting that butterflies in particular have special meaning for her. “I’ve always been drawn to butterflies. I see them all the time. They are my mom coming to visit.”