“We love the community and everyone working together to help each other out.”

Anyone who has eaten at Mountain View Kitchen certainly knows that owner Jennifer Ward is passionate about cooking. But the business owner and Flutter sponsor is also a talented artist. So when Flutter organizers approached her about coordinating food for the Gala, she asked about becoming a Flutter butterfly artist, too.

“Butterflies are my passion,” she said. “I actually have a butterfly tattoo on my shoulder. They remind me of my father, a symbol of new life and new things coming.”

Jennifer, who says she is a self-taught hobbyist, created two butterflies for the 2024 Flutter at the Fountain. Bloom and Fly is a take on the saying “bloom where you are planted.” She said the mix of paint, glitter, vinyl, epoxy, and stones is encouragement for others to take flight and spread their joy, kindness, and talents with others.

Beautifully Broken was inspired by another one of her favorite sayings. The mosaic of glitter and vinyl is arranged to look like shards of glass to give the creation an aura of hope and positivity.

“Everyone has flaws and scars, hurts and wounds,” Jennifer explained, “but like a piece of shattered stained glass, it’s still a beautiful thing because of the way the colors blend. We are all beautifully broken.”

Both butterfly designs are a variation of art she paints on stainless steel hydro flasks, which are available for purchase at Mountain View Kitchen.

Originally from Springfield, Tennessee, Jennifer said she and her husband love the small town feel of Fountain Hills. In addition to Flutter at the Fountain, Mountain View Kitchen is an avid supporter of the American Legion, Elks, and the Fountain Hills Schools District.

“We’re willing to give wherever we can,” she said. “We love the community and everyone working together to help each other out.”