If you ask Kathy Madden why she gives so freely of her time and money, she’ll tell you it’s simply become a habit. Kathy, who just celebrated her 90th birthday, says as long as she has the means to support the arts in her hometown, she will do it. That’s why being a Fountain Hills Community Foundation donor works so well for Kathy. Her gifts help support a wide-range of philanthropic efforts in Fountain Hills — from the Fountain Hills Community Band in which she participates to the River of Time Museum, where she serves as docent.

Kathy, a musician who played the French horn, moved with her husband from Boston, MA to Fountain Hills in 1996, back when the roads were still made of dirt. Her husband, a musician and composer, arranged music for the ASU marching band, amongst others.

“I’m so glad he found this place,” she said. “I love it here.”

In addition to her generous support of the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, Kathy served as president for four years for the Fountain Hills Community Band, is a docent at the River of Time Museum, and is also a member of Friends in the Hills. She encourages all residents to give of their time as well as their money, whenever they can.

“Fountain Hills is a unique place to live and there are certainly a lot of opportunities to sustain people who live here. Pick the one that appeals to you.”