Members of the Fountain Hills Community Foundation (FHCF) unanimously elected thirteen directors to the Fountain Hills Community Foundation board during the annual membership meeting on March 23 at DC Bar and Grill.

Newly elected directors and their terms of service include Debbie Clason (2), Mark Dalton (2), Mark Daniels (1), Siobhan Doherty (2), Lee Holmes (1), Dr. Bill Myhr (1), Michael Pameditis (1), Bill Pape (2), Nicole Perkins (2), Debbie Skehen (1), Natalie Varela (2), Helen Whatmough (1), and Dori Wittrig (2).

“I’m very proud of the work this board has accomplished since 2019,” Dori Wittrig, FHCF President, said. “We realigned our vision and purpose to focus more on building an endowment that will allow our organization to become self-sustaining.  We recrafted the by-laws, became a member-based organization and created an entirely new community fundraiser that involves collaboration with thousands of local residents.

Our group also continues to create and define ways for local residents and families to give back to their community in a meaningful way, through donor opportunities.  We could not do this without thoughtful, talented people who are willing to serve our Board and give the time it takes to push our organization to a new level.  They have my sincere appreciation.”

Board members commit to being a Patron Member of the FHCF, which requires a minimum annual donation of $500, and agree to accept and promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the FHCF during their term as a public representative of the organization. In addition, they agree to serve on at least one standing committee, represent the Foundation at community activities and meetings, and attend a minimum of 80% of board meetings.

Their basic responsibilities include planning and policy decisions, financial stability, and development, and for the ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the work of the organization. The Board regularly meets each month on the 3rd Thursday.

Individual headshots and a short biography are available at