Join us for 2021 Flutter at the Fountain, the premier fundraiser benefiting nonprofits in Fountain Hills and surrounding communities. Sponsored by the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, A 501C-3 Organization.

Create an original art design on a crafted aluminum butterfly.

Inspire your butterfly will be on display to the public in Fountain Hills at various sponsor locations prior to the Flutter at the Fountain 2021 event.

Empower because proceeds from the butterflies will benefit various nonprofits in Fountain Hills and surrounding communities.

Flutter at the Fountain is a community service led by the Fountain Hills Community Foundation, a 501 c-3 nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to invest in other nonprofit organizations whose work improves the lives of our youth, seniors, families and community, and to build a legacy for Fountain Hills and the surrounding communities. Flutter at the Fountain will select 30 artists willing to contribute to making dreams real by transforming blank, aluminum alloy sculptures into original works of art. Each transformed sculpture will be displayed in Fountain Hills during the month of October and then become part of an online auction in November at the Flutter at the Fountain 2021 Garden Party.

Important Dates:

  • Application and Design Concept due: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  • Notification of juror selections: Friday June 25, 2021
  • Artist Event – pick up butterfly and meet and greet fellow artists: Saturday, July 10th, 2021
  • W-9’s due at pick up.
  • Pickup Location: RE/MAX Sun Properties, 16824 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills.
  • Material stipend checks issued to artists: July 30, 2021
  • Two required check-in’s from artists with photographs of progress: July 20th and August 15st.
  • Completed butterfly due: September 10th, 2021 (No Exceptions)

Artist Compensation and Understanding
Artists will be provided:
• $100 stipend for materials
• 1 ticket ($75 value) for the November Flutter at the Fountain 2021 Garden Party
• Any costs incurred over these amounts should be considered a donation to Flutter at the Fountain.
• 10% of the auction sale price for their art piece.
• Artist Review Panel will award selected top designing artists 1 ticket to the Sponsor Cocktail and

Artists will be recognized:
• During the community exhibit during the month of October on signage and brochures.
• On printed marketing materials
• On the website
• At the Sponsor Cocktail reception and at the Flutter at the Fountain 2021 online auction and Garden Party
• Artists are encouraged to promote Flutter at the Fountain on social media and within artist groups to which
they belong, as well as allow us to share your posts through our social media. We also encourage you to
submit videos of your butterfly transformation and inspiration for our website and marketing.

Community Exhibit
Art pieces will be placed on display during the month of October at various sponsor locations, with the
artist’s name and title of the art piece displayed near each work. In addition, a photograph of each
completed piece, including the artist’s concept description, will be available at

Design Guidelines
The audience for Flutter at the Fountain will be the general public, all ages and backgrounds. Designs that
are religious, political, sexual in nature, bear controversial messages, insignia, or other material will
not be accepted. Simple glued and bedazzled designs will not be accepted. Designs incorporating
business logos or advertising will not be accepted. The Artist Review Panel may reject any design that
does not conform to these guidelines.

The Art Piece Components

  • Butterfly components will be provided by the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.
  • There are three sizes of butterflies. Approximate sizes are
    • Large 36”(12 lbs),
    • Medium 24” (8 lbs) and
    • Small 12” (4 lbs).
    • The large butterflies will come with a temporary stand for ease of painting. Final “polyurethane
      clear coat” will be provided by the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.
    • Artists will produce their designs in their homes or studios. They can paint, sculpt, transform, or adorn the
      art piece to complete their design, but the structural integrity of the piece must remain intact.
    • The art pieces will become the property of Flutter at the Fountain until the final auction, when they will become the
      property of the highest bidder.

Concept Design Template and Art Object Sizes
Please complete a concept design template (included with the application form) for each entry. Templates
may not be enlarged greater than 8” x 11.” Make sure to create a thorough color design on both the inside
and outside wings since this will be the basis for the Artist Review Panel. “Inside” wings face the sky and
“outside” wings face the ground. Once selected, the artist is bound to the design concept submitted. Any
material deviations are subject to return to the artist for modifications.
Additional Guidelines
• Flutter at the Fountain is a community celebration of art where individuals are invited to touch and
experience the pieces on public display. So, please keep durability and public safety in mind when
• Objects and various mediums may be attached to the art piece but those objects must adhere to the
guidelines noted above. Any attached objects must be attached in such a way that they cannot be easily
• Designs using photos or skins will not be accepted.
•The artist is responsible for any transportation that may apply.
• All art pieces may require touch-up and cleaning prior to the auction. As notified by Flutter at the Fountain,
artists will be expected to be available to complete these touch-ups during the days preceding the auction.
• Artists may submit up to three designs, but each should be on a separate application form. All submitted
designs will become the property of Flutter at the Fountain.
Artists who are selected will be asked to sign an Artist Agreement (see attached). The Fountain Hills
Community Foundation Artist Review Panel will designate the butterfly size each chosen artist will

Social Media: How You Can Participate

  • Please send us jpeg and video of your butterfly’s progress on a regular basis, and tell us
    your story! Send them to
  • When posting on Instagram, please tag us @flutteratthefountain. Also, consider using
    #flutter21, #flutteratthefountain, #fountainhillscommunityfoundation, #fountainhillsgives as
    hashtags so we can share your progress.
  • On Facebook, tag us and post to @FHCommunityFoundation so we may highlight you and
    share your progress there as well.