26 Artists receive template for butterfly transformation

On June 24, 2020, 30 butterflies found their temporary home at the art studios of 26 local artists. Thanks to the manufacturing skills of artist Brian Schader, 4 different sizes of sheet aluminum butterflies were cut, bent and mounted, ready to morph into gorgeous works of art.

Over the next couple of months, they will become unique works of art based on the juried application presented during the spring. Beginning in October, the butterflies will be showcased at Flutter at the Fountain, an event designed for the public to view their transformation. From there, they will migrate to various sponsors, culminating at our Gala on November 7, 2020.

The inaugural Flutter at the Fountain gala will feature an online silent auction, a raffled butterfly drawing and hopefully an evening of fun celebrating the hard work of our artists while raising money for the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.

Please follow our progress on Instagram @flutteratthefountain and on our Facebook page Fountain Hills Community Foundation.

For more information of Flutter at the Fountain, please visit our website at www.fountainhillsgives.com/flutter-at-the-fountain