About Us


Building a Legacy in Fountain Hills and the surrounding communities.

The Fountain Hills Community Foundation is a 501 (C)(3), investing in nonprofit organizations whose work improves the lives of our youth, seniors, families and community.

FHCF works with nonprofit organizations as a partner, helping them to identify problems, find solutions, and become continually stronger and more effective.


The Foundation, established in 1995, as the Sunridge Foundation was the brain- child of local visionaries who saw a community need. Various educational, cultural and humanitarian non-profit organizations needed additional funding if they were to grow and survive.

The Foundation was created as an all-volunteer, 501 (C)(3) non- profit organization (EIN – 86-0800268), to provide financial support to these needy hometown community organizations. In 2006, the Sunridge Foundation evolved into the Fountain Hills Community Foundation.

Since 1995, the Foundation has provided over $1.2 Million in financial support to educational, cultural and humanitarian non-profit organizations in the Fountain Hills area.

In 2020, the Foundation celebrated its 25th year with the announcement of the SunRidge Founder’s Club, a group of volunteers who were active during the first 25 years of the organization’s history.

To view the Foundation’s 2022 990 nonprofit tax return, go here.